Aerdrie Fae

A young Genasi swordmage set out to find Arannis, her guardian, who is on his "secret" mission.


Class: Swordmage
Race: Genasi (Air)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawfully good

Detailed Physical Description

Age: 16 (Age 15 is considered adulthood for Genasi)
Distinguishing Features: Light grayish blue skin color, Aerdrie Faenya’s symbol of the bird tattooed on back between shoulder blades, medium size. Always in a state of air, clothes and hair consistently billowing/flowing in “her” wind. There is a slight breeze when she walks and faster movement causes gusts of wind. Her skin is cold to the touch.

White loose fabric wrapped around the breasts and draping over biceps connecting to the back with a yellow under shirt, spandex type wrapping. Blue and yellow sash belt, long. White 3/4 pants that are narrow from waist and expand down right below knees with cuffs (arabic styled pants). Gold strap sandals that criss-cross from ankles to mid thigh. Multiple gold bangles on each wrist.

Hair: Long silvery white, wispy, always floating anti gravity hair.
Eyes: Yellow
Height & Weight: 5’8" 135 lbs.
Elemental Affinity: Air
Key Personality traits: Optimistic, graceful, patient (her patience runs thin since she is still young, she has more to learn)


What is the Goal of this Character? She has made a vow of compassion, to rid the world of evil and to find Arannis, an excuse to explore the world.
What is the Character’s plan to achieve the goal? She will risk her well being for the good of the world.

Character Background

Family Background:
Orphaned, family is unknown. She was found and raised by an Eladrin swordmage, named Arannis, at the age of 2.
He also gave her the name, Aerdrie Fae, after the name of Aerdrie Faenya, a name known to those in Faerun as the elven goddess of air, weather and birds. He feared that one day he would leave her side and decided to teach her the ways of a swordmage.
At the age of 15, Arannis was sent way on a “secret” mission.

Religion: Tymora (Lady Luck)
Habits/Vices: Says attacks out loud, adds extra adjectives to her abilities (ex: Sparkling, angelic, lovely….)
Education: Learned from Arannis and other elves.
Personality: Happy go lucky, bubbly, naive, believes there is good in all things. She likes to see people happy and hope to achieve a happier environment wherever she goes. She also stays distant from people and won’t let anyone get too close to her in fear of losing a new friend.
Likes: Seeing people happy, sound of laughter.
Dislikes: Sad, depressed people.
Fears: Darkness, loss of loved one(Arannis).

Aerdrie Fae

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