Main Details:

Character:Xilchas Player: Class:Fighter Race:Dragonborn Alignment:neutral Summarized Biography: Is a mercenary, used to travel with another group but they left me to die during a fight. i was knocked unconscious and all my gear was stolen, the blow to the head has made me forget most of my fighting skills.

Detailed Physical Description

Age: 800 Sex: Male Distinguishing Features: some scars all over body Hair:none Eyes:(Red Skin: Greenish black, scaly Height & Weight:(Please refer to your race attributes) Physical Build: Muscular, Athletic Clothing: Elemental Affinity: Acid

Character Background

Family: Parents unknown. All kids are made orphans and raised by warrior leaders Education: Grew up in Cabilis and trained in the field of bone Personality: Neutral, will help people in need but also has no problem killing Likes: Money/gear


Adventures of Ned the Magnificent. xilchas