Character Creation


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The rules for creating Characters are as follows:

  1. Characters start at 1st level.
  2. Characters start with a Standard adventurer’s kit, plus basic weapons and armor setup for which you have the perk.
  3. Character classes are restricted to classes presented in the Players Handbook 1, 2 and 3.
  4. Character races are allowed from any officially published book.
  5. Character classes, abilities, feats can be picked from any published book.
  6. Character classes, abilities, feats and races from Dragon Magazine as well as setting supplements are not allowed.
  7. No custom rules are allowed for characters.
  8. You must use the following template for your characters description:

Description (crunch) box

(Please Refer to the Players Hand Book for any sub categories in these.)

  • Class:
  • Level:
  • Ability Scores:
  • Skills:
  • Feats:
  • Powers:
  • Equipment:

Biography (fluff) box

Main Details:

  • Character:
  • Player:
  • Class:
  • Race:
  • Alignment:
  • Summarized Biography:

Detailed Physical Description

  • Age:
  • Sex:
  • Distinguishing Features:(ex.: scars, tattoos, sparkles)
  • Hair:(ex.: Color, texture, length)
  • Eyes:(ex.: Shape, Color)
  • Skin: (ex.: Color, Texture, Freckles, Glowy Stuff)
  • Height & Weight:(Please refer to your race attributes)
  • Physical Build: (ex.: Athletic, Slender, Sickly, Overweight)
  • Clothing: (ex.: Detail, Quality, Fit. This Includes Armor.)
  • Elemental Affinity: (if Genasi or Dragonborn)

Key Personality traits:

  • Summary of Personality:


  • What is the Goal of this Character?
  • What is the Character’s plan to achieve the goal?

Character Background

  • Family: (ex.: Parents, Children, Spouse, Cherished Friends?)
  • Religion: (ex.: Deity, level of commitment)
  • Habits/Vices:
  • Education:(Where/How/From Who did they learn their Class?)
  • Personality:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Fears:

Combat Style:

  • Views on Combat:
  • Stance:
  • Feelings on killing:
  • Feelings on dying:
  • Treatment of enemies:
  • Treatment of Allies:
  • Movements: (ex.: Fluid, Erratic, Nervous, Economic)
  • Victory: (ex.: Gloat, Modest)
  • Defeat:

Extra Notes:

  • Please write any extra notes about your character that don’t fit into the form here.

DM only Info:

If you would like to have some info that pertains to the story that you would like me to weave into the campaign please send me a private message so I can ad it to the DM notes.

Character Creation

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